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Fundraising | What we support

Our goal this year is to raise $30,000

The Victoria Elementary PTO helps fund field trips, student scholarships, classroom technology, and teacher grants. Our initiative this year is to contribute funds to renewing and improving our flexible seating throughout our school. What are the benefits of flexible seating? Flexible seating provides opportunities to learn in more comfortable learning environments which in turn supports students in becoming calm, focused and productive in the learning process.

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Thank you to everyone who supported the PTO.  Your time, expertise and monetary donations make all our community events, goals possible.  We are VES!  We love our community! 


Sept 2019, the VES Students raised funds for enrichment programs at VES! 

This Fall Fundraiser was so successful because PARENTS like you gave so generously.  

We raised $30,527!

On behalf of the Students, Teachers, Staff and Administrators that directly benefit from these funds - 

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